At Revel, we love what we do.

We’re a team of designers, architects, engineers and project managers with a passion for helping our clients create and experience great spaces.

Gary Nichols Gary Nichols

Gary Nichols CEO/President

Scott Clement Scott Clement

Scott Clement COO/ Principal

Cynthia Gee Cynthia Gee

Cynthia Gee Vice President

Daniel Luis Daniel Luis

Daniel Luis Senior Project Manager

Martha Breed Martha Breed

Martha Breed Project Director

Tom Tessier Tom Tessier

Tom Tessier Senior Designer

Claudette Bleijenberg Claudette Bleijenberg

Claudette Bleijenberg Project Architect

Alanur Kurtkan Alanur Kurtkan

Alanur Kurtkan Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Gordon Jonathan Gordon

Jonathan Gordon Senior Project Manager

Diego Garcia Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia Senior Job Captain/ Project Manager

Sharmila Badkar Sharmila Badkar

Sharmila Badkar Project Manager

Daryl McCormick Daryl McCormick

Daryl McCormick Director of Operations

Joyce Mizuhara Joyce Mizuhara

Joyce Mizuhara Project Designer

Sarah Jean Recht Sarah Jean Recht

Sarah Jean Recht Graphic Designer

Sargam Tandon Sargam Tandon

Sargam Tandon Project Coordinator

Juyun Yim Juyun Yim

Juyun Yim Designer

Taryn Blache Taryn Blache

Taryn Blache Designer

Sylvia Muzzatti Sylvia Muzzatti

Sylvia Muzzatti Project Accountant

Petch Somsakul Petch Somsakul

Petch Somsakul Controller

Madeline Giblin Madeline Giblin

Madeline Giblin Project Coordinator

Adan Gomez-Parra Adan Gomez-Parra

Adan Gomez-Parra Project Coordinator

Louise Ullrich Louise Ullrich

Louise Ullrich Office Manager

Dafer Haddadin Dafer Haddadin

Dafer Haddadin Designer

Lauren Wagner Lauren Wagner

Lauren Wagner Project Coordinator

Sashi Murthy Sashi Murthy

Sashi Murthy Designer

Jeffrey Veloso Jeffrey Veloso

Jeffrey Veloso Designer

Lesley Ray Lesley Ray

Lesley Ray Designer

James Hua James Hua

James Hua Job Captain

Kevin Likens Kevin Likens

Kevin Likens Project Manager

Femia Djohan Femia Djohan

Femia Djohan Job Captain