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scott clement


As President and Principal, Scott is integral in leading design projects and running the firm. Our clients appreciate his skill in managing and coordinating multi-disciplinary project teams and rely on him to meet project budgets and deadlines, and he does it without breaking a sweat. In fact, project delivery and management are passions for Scott, and we all know how much effort goes into the things we love!

With an eye on operations, Scott has created systems for scaling the firm, streamlined staff hiring and development, and continuously empowers employees to move into leadership positions. And he doesn’t stop there! His enthusiasm for business development and cultivating long-lasting client relationships perfectly complements the high level of creativity he brings to all of our projects.

Scott’s knack for making complex projects run smoothly is almost magical. His dedication and enthusiasm make him a cornerstone of our team, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of Scott’s recent projects include:
alternative technology client
informatica austin
qatar investment authority