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A veteran of commercial interiors with the scars to prove it, Gary has devoted himself to his passion for design for almost three decades. Our fearless leader joined the firm in 2006 as CEO/Principal and is responsible for directing commercial interiors and business development. He possesses an uncanny ability to combine strong design, technical, and project-management skills – ensuring that creativity never means losing sight of buildability and the client’s budget and schedule.

Gary’s outside work makes it seem like he doesn’t need much sleep. He has served as the president of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Northern California Chapter, as a professional design critic for the California College of the Arts’ Design Studio, and was a professional advisor to the Interior Design Advisory Committee for the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. He was also a juror for the IIDA SoCal 2016 Calibre Awards. You have seen his work published in Interior Design, Contract Magazine, Paper City, and Metropolis (or if you haven’t, you should have).

Some of Gary’s recent projects include:
wearable technology client
splunk headquarters