stanford health care — Primary Care Clinic

Los Altos, CA

Top-quality healthcare at the community level

To make it easier on patients and serve them better, Stanford Health Care decided to roll out primary care clinics in communities where concentrations of their patients live. For routine checkups and outpatient services, these clinics can provide medical services faster and at less cost than Stanford’s hospitals. They wanted a consistent look and feel for the clinics wherever they were located, so patients were in familiar surroundings and could feel more comfortable. The Los Altos clinic sits in a former retail space with a residential component above, so the design had to be sensitive to residents’ needs. We worked out wayfinding and exit strategies early in the project to make the design process seamless, and added a second exit and ADA-compliant ramp. The existing post-tension slab made infrastructure additions challenging, but we x-rayed the slab and worked around it to provide all the plumbing and other basic needs for the clinic.

project details


Stanford Health Care


Los Altos, CA


Blood Draw, Waiting Room, Centralized Work space for Staff, Conference Room, Exam Rooms, Treatment Rooms, Lab, Staff Lounge, IDF


6,500 SF


Contractor: Dome Builds


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