alternative technology client - frisco

frisco, tx

This workplace for one of Revel’s long-time global clients needed to raise the bar for design. Finding an unfamiliar balance raw & polished helped define a truly unique aesthetic for space. Now considered “the gold standard” within the organization, the office is the new benchmark to which all future projects will be compared to — and need to emulate.

As the client’s first move into Texas, which would soon become the location for one of their major headquarters, the office is strategically positioned in a prominent and highly visible location. With Frisco as the backdrop, the design still needed to be familiar to the organization while maintaining a local connection to the immediate surroundings.

Finding commonality in materials between San Francisco, the company’s global headquarters, and Frisco, TX helped to bridge the gap. Among several different moves, a full masonry brick wall was installed between reception and the all-hands/break area, which matched the brick-clad exterior of their San Francisco office.

The design celebrates the juxtaposition of programming needs as well. C-level executive suites and a sports bar inspired break area aren’t typically matched in such proximity to each other, but a perfect balance was found between the two. Taking a less formal and more collaborative approach to the executive area brought ease to the traditionally rigid & serious space. Additionally, the team brought the most considerable attention to the smallest details in the break area, elevating it to a sophisticated yet-stylized space, that still felt casual and comfortable.

project details


frisco, tx


open office, conference rooms, all-hands/breakroom, hoteling workspace, collaboration space


20,000 sq ft


photography by: garrett rowland

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