alternative technology client – austin

austin, tx

Following global design guidelines established by Revel, the design for this “Headquarters for the Americas” ties to the client’s other locations, while maintaining a uniquely Austin vibe. Sophisticated color & material palettes were meticulously chosen and woven together with elements of Austin’s urban fabric & personality.

A previously enclosed atrium that acted mostly as a light well for the original design as a multiple-tenant space was opened up to new collaborative & social areas, creating the building’s beating heart. This central hub also establishing the project’s overall design vocabulary.

With spaces like a library and cafe crafted using warm hues, well-designed lighting, varying textures, and an abundance of indigenous plant life, the workplace comes together to produce an unmistakable hospitality like atmosphere.

Additional security and support spaces throughout the site were added & enhanced to support the executive team — while successfully maintaining their “anti-corporate” street cred. While juggling multiple client-driven programmatic changes throughout the project, our nimble design team still met the challenges of the project head-on, keeping it on schedule and within the established budget.

project details


austin, tx


building lobby, all-hands break room, cafe, bar & game room, central atrium, open workplace, executive suite, satellite breakrooms, huddle rooms, conference, outdoor deck, elevator lobbies, tech bar


80,000 sq ft


photography by: garrett rowland

other locations

mountain view, ca
san francisco, ca
chicago, il
frisco, tx
new york, ny
toronto, on, can


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