beacon ready suites

san francisco, ca

Revel embarked on a transformative journey to convert an existing WeWork space in a downtown high-rise into a cutting-edge distributed workplace. The project focused on retaining as much of the existing infrastructure as possible while ensuring that the final space no longer resembled its previous WeWork incarnation.

The entire floor has been re-imagined as a multi-tenanted suite comprising five distinct sections. Two of these sections are fully equipped with their own break rooms and huddle/lounge spaces, creating self-sufficient work environments. Meanwhile, the remaining three smaller suites share access to a communal break room and an exclusive board room reserved for users of the 8th floor.

The entire floor and each individual suite have been designed to be plug-and-play and come fully furnished, with AV and IT setups readily available for tenant use.

project details


beacon capital partners


san francisco, ca


multi-tenant suite conversion


14,300 sq ft


photography by john sutton


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