Jewelry Mart @ 888 Brannan

San Francisco, Ca

San Francisco’s Jewelry Mart had a lot of bling in the shops and a lot of blah in the building. Working with a branding group from New York we created a hip, modern space that featured new signage, upgraded lighting, and new finishes. The existing low ceilings not only made the spaces feel cramped, they also hid a number of challenges that made updating the lighting an almost-Sisyphean task. But we got the rock up the hill and installed Title 24 efficient lighting solutions in the existing light fixture locations, minimizing the effect of the low ceilings. A new wayfinding system includes color-coded zones named after jewels, with variations on each zone’s jewel color’s adding interest in the carpet tiles. In addition to renovating and recladding the main lobby desk, we also did the value engineering for the project, achieving that peak balance between budget-consciousness and great design.

project details


beacon capital group


san francisco, ca


signage and wayfinding, lobby upgrades


Photography: Jasper Sanidad


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