Informatica Tokyo

tokyo, japan

Informatica, a data-integration powerhouse, has offices on four continents but doesn’t want them all to look like clones of its home base in the Bay Area. To achieve that individual-but-part-of-a-larger-whole appearance, Revel worked with Informatica and its global design partners. Together the team created a Tokyo workspace that shares some key features and familiar elements of other Informatica offices while reflecting the refinement, character, and work culture of Japan. We drew inspiration from the Japanese seasons and traditional patterns, such as the 1,000-year-old “Asano-ha,” which was created with local art tile.

project details


tokyo, japan


conference room, privates offices, open workspace, kitchen, open collaboration spaces


10,000 sq ft


revel architecture & design - design architect | steven leach associates - architect of record

other locations

headquarters - redwood city, ca
austin, tx


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