Informatica Austin

austin, tx

The design for Informatica’s Austin office allows for positive culture building, high efficiency, and the tools for quick problem-solving. Expanding on employee feedback from the first phase of this project allowed Revel to create a design for phase II that allows for more flexibility and opportunities for retreat away from their desks.

The Austin office has become a benchmark for the organization, leading to implement the lessons learned into the complete renovation of their Headquarters in Redwood City, CA. As the global leader in big data solutions, Informatica has an ongoing process of researching and collecting data on its global portfolio of office space. Through post-occupancy analysis of office culture, efficiency, space utilization, and employee needs, Revel and their design partners set forth to iterate and maximize data-backed design and planning.

Every area of the study was reviewed and implemented into the design for Austin, making it a true ‘Center of Excellence’ to rival any competitor’s workplace. Working within the narrow building footprint the general workspace needed to contain more than 250 workstations and maintaining high flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing team sizes as well as anticipated future expansion.

project details


austin, tx


phase i - 20,000 sq ft | phase ii - 40,000 sq ft | phase iii 13,000 sq ft


revel architecture & design - design architect - all phases | lauckgroup - architect of record phase i & ii | photography by: diego cremona - phase ii & casey dunn - phase ii & iii


iida northern california 2021 honor awards - finalist for best mid-size workplace

other locations

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