alternative technology client

silicon valley, ca

A laboratory. A sandbox. A springboard.

The traditional workplace is reimagined to transform and adapt based on the changing needs of users, catering to a variety of activity-oriented spaces, enhancing productivity, and promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Designed to primarily serve the client’s engineering teams, this future-proof workplace is an elastic network of diverse and porous spaces. Nearly 50% of the floorplan is dedicated to labs used for research and development, while the other half is divided into carefully choreographed activity zones. The plan consists of open office space along the exterior and a central core that offers a variety of open and enclosed spaces for formal meetings, impromptu huddle touch-downs, and privacy coves with lounge seating for heads-down work. All tied together with a strong language of materials that unify the different spaces both visually and functionally.

project details


silicon valley, ca


open office, huddle space, large breakroom, product research & development laboratory space, conference rooms


30,000 sq ft


photography by: Garrett Rowland

other locations

san francisco, ca
austin, tx
dallas, tx
chicago, il
toronto, on


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