Infinity Ward

austin, tx

‘Keep Austin Ward’ became the emblematic expression of Infinity Ward’s latest expansion into the Texas market. The Call of Duty creator sought to unify staff and attract new talent with a workplace that integrates dedicated areas for game development and testing suited for hybrid team collaboration. Through a secure and fluid studio, the new space fosters creativity, supports its employees in forging quality content, and cultivates a culture to play every day.

The design approach was also very simple: create an office that makes employees feel like they have all the best parts of working from home, but leaves behind the distractions that are so easy to find, such as pets, kids, or that never-ending to-do list. By establishing a mix of ‘residential’ elements throughout the renovation, utilizing warm tones, soft finishes, and plenty of daylight, the design sought to give employees the tools to create a seamless transition back to office life. The design centers on a full-sized break area, able to accommodate the entire team for events or all-staff meetings.

project details


Infinity Ward


austin, tx




photography by garrett rowland


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