confidential wearable technology client

san francisco, ca

The new San Francisco campus for this technology giant includes nearly 300,000 sf of open office workspace, collaboration and conference space, micro-kitchens throughout, and all-hands meeting areas on multiple floors. Temperature controlled server rooms and firmware labs allow round-the-clock product testing. In addition, the project includes a variety of highly technical laboratory spaces for product testing and packaging.

The prototyping/automation lab includes a clean-room with digital microscoping, humidity/temperature chamber, antistatic and soldering benching, and solar simulation. The optics lab includes a dark room for testing product lighting levels. The audio lab is acoustically treated, and includes various sound testing chambers. An additional lab function is product packaging, which includes design prototypes, etc. The room includes large open tables for cutting and gluing, with exhaust hoods for ventilation.

Project Details




San Francisco, CA


urban campus, multiple floors, open workplace, event space, breakroom and cafe, breakout rooms, conference rooms, mezzanine


300,000 sf


photographer: cesar rubio


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