san francisco, ca

Staying up-to-date

Zoosk needed new space, an updated look, and a strong desirability factor. Sort of like their clients in the online dating world. But instead of using software, Zoosk asked Revel to help them meet their goals. With only three private offices, the space exudes openness and invites collaboration, not to mention it allows for easy reconfiguration (to help with the collaboration part). Smaller, boutique-like meeting spaces each reflect the character of a San Francisco neighborhood, such as North Beach, the Castro, and the Haight. A centrally located “cube” hosts dining, casual meetings, and general decompression. The space will allow the company to comfortably grow to 300 people.

project details


san francisco, ca


conference room, privates offices, open workspace, kitchen, open collaboration spaces


50,000 sq ft


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