emeryville, ca

In collaboration with Zogenix, a biopharmaceutical company providing therapeutic solutions to patients with neurological conditions, Revel created a unique workplace design that embodies the company’s values and mission, which was driven by the neurology of the connective tissue of the brain.

Just as neurons provide electric charge to the human body, lighting draws an architectural parallel by bringing a space to life. Revel identified three opportunities as points of experiential connectivity: two circulation corridors linking the north and south open office spaces act as “connective tissue,” while the reception area is representative of the “the brain.” To show the significance of these moments, each is embedded with a custom light fixture abstracted from the geometry of brain waves – a subtle nod to Zogenix’s commitment to neurological therapeutic solutions.

Lighting became the central driver within the open office as well – reinterpreted with an innovative lighting solution that deviates aesthetically and functionally from traditional lighting systems. Rigid stems provide a geometric formative network for a system of magnetic luminaires. Linear tubes supply overall functional lighting, while adjustable spotlights allow flexibility for more specific tasks. Embracing the rigid stem construction, Revel exercised strategic coordination to plan deliberate openings for mechanical equipment.

project details


emeryville, ca


open office, conference rooms, all-hands/breakroom, hoteling workspace, collaboration space, private office, pantry


40,000 sq ft


photography by: emily hagopian


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