240 Stockton Lobby

San Francisco, Ca

Two separate projects blended beautifully into one at 240 Stockton Street. Exterior damage that needed repairing triggered a look at the color scheme of the building. Covering the old green accents with a neutral palette of creams and browns, we unified the colors with Gucci’s dark bronze windows on the ground floor. Shortly after, we were asked to redesign the lobby, which had an old-guard desk, exposed security and elevator-control panels, and smoke doors over the elevator doors. We installed a sleek desk that nods to the Art Deco details on the building, and covered the exposed panels with sliding doors. Minimizing the smoke doors helped streamline the look of the lobby, and new molding on the walls gave them dimension and reflected the neoclassical elements of the building. We also created a new LED pendant lamp of glass and bronze to complement existing lighting. A deceptively simple update that harmonizes the route from outside to in.

project details


Bently Enterprises


San Francisco, CA


Photographer: Jasper Sanidad


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