Stanford Health Care — Primary Care Clinic Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, CA

To make it easier on patients and serve them better, Stanford Health Care decided to roll out primary care clinics in different communities. They wanted a consistent look and feel for the clinics wherever they were located, and asked us to maximize the number of exam rooms they could provide. By creating staff work rooms in the Santa Clara clinic to take the place of private offices, we freed up space for additional exam rooms. The work room model also brought physicians and nurses together in one space, allowing for better communication about patients’ needs and status–a boon for the success of their work. Sliding doors offer patients easier and more spacious access, and double doors in the exam rooms allowed staff to cut the time they spent walking from room to room, giving them more time in the day with patients. This facility features both radiology and blood-draw labs, and has had a full appointment calendar since the day it opened.

project details


Stanford Health Care


Santa Clara, CA


Waiting Room, Centralized Staff Workroom, Conference Rooms, Treatment Rooms, Exam Rooms, Radiology, Physical Therapy, IDF, Lab


13,162 SF


Photographer: John Sutton, Contractor: Dome Builds


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