third rock ventures

san francisco, ca

Third Rock Ventures isn’t your typical venture capital group, so Revel threw out the playbook on what a typical venture capital office should look like. Environmental graphics and an incubator room are at the heart of the space, and a hand-painted mural by a local San Francisco artist in the breakroom is the exclamation point that rounds out the design.

To reflect the group’s colorful yet focused team, Revel thought it was essential to bring in movement and rhythm into the space to avoid any notion of a stale workplace filled with private offices. Through the use of materials and by placing a central collaboration space at the core of the glass front private offices, the design helps bring the project to life and keeps the team in constant contact while still providing privacy when needed.

A one-of-a-kind hand-painted mural by San Francisco local, Nigel Sussman, provides the perfect way for the firm to tell their story and showcase how their Boston roots have grown to San Francisco. Additional graphics are carried throughout the office that adds pops of color and delivers a strong brand message.

project details


san francisco, ca


reception, conference rooms, breakroom, incubator space, private office, open collaboration space




photography by matthew anderson


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