Revel Office

San Francisco, Ca

Living in our own design

Our greatest test yet was designing a new space for ourselves. According to our biggest fans and toughest critics (our staff), we passed. Our hot-pink elevator lobby welcomes visitors and opens onto what we think of as a showroom for what we do, reflecting our culture from end to end. Like us, our space is open and inclusive—the boss and the newest hire can throw paper airplanes at each other (no walls to get in the way). Each workspace is customizable, from adjustable-height desks to a U-shaped layout that can be arranged to each person’s preferences. Exposed concrete ceilings lend an urban vibe–we are in the heart of the Financial District, after all. Our meeting room features a NanaWall that can be opened to double the size of the space and a television that raises up when needed and then goes away to open up the window views again. With our passion for provenance stories, our meeting room features a glass conference table that sits on pieces of the Bay Bridge, and our sitting area has a bench crafted from a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge. These and other pieces in our corridor serve as our art gallery, highlighting work from local and in-house artists. Comfortable, creative, completely us.

Project Details


Revel Architecture & Design


San Francisco, CA


conference rooms, kitchen, workspace


8,500 SF


Photography: Jasper Sanidad; Video: Caesarstone


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