san francisco, ca

Passionate. Creative. A little offbeat.

If you team with a company who prides themselves on “bringing more creativity into the world”, then you better deliver a space that sets the stage for that creativity to shine. Taking ques from their awesome company culture that established themselves by putting art on everyday objects, the Revel team dove into the design head first to develop a space that was truly authentic to Redbubble.

The office includes themed conference rooms like “The Library,” which features chandeliers, vintage mantle, leather couches, and carefully curated artwork. It was high priority for the Revel team to design a space that was successful for everyone from the Redbubble admin team to their artist-in-residence and everyone in between. Therefore, the office allows for open collaboration space, seating for artists to work, and smaller more private seating areas for those who need to get some ‘heads-down’ work knocked-out, but don’t want to do it behind closed doors.

Large graphics provided an opportunity to mirror the company’s mission to enhance the “everyday object”, because what is more “everyday” than the office you work in? To round-out the workplace a combined kitchen/all-hands space offers presentation screens and comfy seating for the 40+ staff and acts as a hub of activity. The office truly is an uncommon design that smack you in the heart. Which is something everyone at Redbubble can relate to.

project details


san francisco, ca


open office, conference rooms, cafe, all-hands meeting space, open artist studio


8,500 sq ft


photography by: john sutton


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