stanford health care — cancer center pharmacy

palo alto, ca

The Stanford Health Care Pharmacy provides comprehensive services to support the complex medication regimens of patients seen at Stanford Health Care.  Located in the Cancer Center in Palo Alto, the pharmacy currently offers medication support for Hepatitis C Patients, other specialty areas such as Uro-Oncology will be added in the future.

There is a specialty pharmacist located here to offer the expertise of medication regiment and requirements.  The in-house staff also helps resolve issues related to insurance authorization, prescription availability and drug interactions.

This pharmacy also stocks common medical supplies, such as glucometers and blood pressure cuffs, and limited over the counter medications.

This pharmacy offers other service amenities such as:

– Automated prescription refills with free delivery.

– Assistance with prescription-related insurance issues.

– Prescription transfer assistance.

– Integration with electronic medical record

– After hours access to clinical staff.

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stanford health care


palo alto, ca


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