Finance Software Company

Silicon Valley, CA

Our Client knew that to attract and retain the best talent in the tech sector, they had to update this building to create an inviting, efficient workplace. No more dark and uninviting spaces in the core of the building. New collaborative and break-out areas. No offices that cut people off from the rest of the workforce.

NicholsBooth removed the central staircase walls, and made extensive use of glass walls, doors, and partitions

to visually connect the center of the building with the exterior. Brightening the finish palette throughout the building also helped lighten the feel of the entire space. To foster a more collaborative environment—reflecting the way teams work today—we added more collaborative and break-out spaces throughout the building. The result? 42,000 square feet of friendly, efficient space that invites people to come and to stay.

Project Details




Silicon Valley, CA


conference rooms, privates offices, phone rooms, open workspace, kitchen, open collaboration spaces, open staircases


Bldg 1: 42,632 SF Bldg 2: 42,632 SF


Photography: Chad Ziemendorf


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