job captain

6+ years

A talented and seasoned Job Captain who can lead a team through documentation and coordination of design concepts through documents and construction. The individual will be responsible for all plans, specifications, or approval of materials and construction, and is competent in all conventional aspects of design and production on multiple small and mid-size projects. We are searching for someone who is prepared and eager; who is passionate about growing with our team, fostering our team spirit, and joining a highly creative, collaborative team dedicated to creating experiences and innovative problem-solving.

The Role
– Coordinate CDs with designers, consultants, engineers, and client’s vendors.
– Responsible for organizing and overseeing the production of the project and is skilled in understanding how the project is assembled.
– Supervises the design and documentation work of several design staff.
– Develops solutions and details for technically complex interiors and building renovation projects.
– Conducts material research to accurately detail the project.
– Coordinates, Quality Assures (QAs), and reviews work by team.
– Performs work requiring independent judgment in evaluation, selection, and adaptation/modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria.
– Independently solves problems encountered.
– Meets with project team and checks status on project.
– Performs markups and redlines.
– Performs code analysis.
– Receives technical guidance on both unusual or complex issues, as well as supervisory approval on proposed project plans.
– Coordinates and develops construction solutions with the General Contractor.
– Attends jobsite meetings, issues supplemental instructions and RFI responses, processes submittals and shop-drawing reviews during Construction Administration.

Our Ideal Teammate
– 6+ years of experience in workplace interiors
– Critical thinking and ability to identify issues before they happen.
– Execution of great design – strong member of the design team understanding the project vision and bringing creative design solutions to the team.
– Excels in REVIT for modeling and documentation with proficiency in AutoCAD.
– Performs work with accuracy and little guidance.
– Takes initiative to complete work while being thorough and detail-oriented.
– During stressful situations, you keep a cool head, maintain a professional sense of humor, and show your emotional intelligence. You feel comfortable recognizing your own (and other peoples’) emotions, discerning between different feelings and labeling
them appropriately.
– Prioritizes servicing and responsiveness.
– Knowledge of California codes and constructability, code compliance, budgeting, and how to construct and manage
drawing sets.
– A deep sense of investment and ownership in projects.
– Certification or licensure preferred but not required.
– Team spirit and works well with others.
– Strong written and verbal skills (did we mention detail-oriented?)
– …and in general, a great person to be around.
– DISQUALIFIER: No workplace interiors experience.

Please submit a cover letter, resume and samples of your work to: